How to design engaging surveys allows you to embed short and engaging surveys directly inside your product, and get instant feedback from your users.

Make Survey a Part of Users' Journey

Making surveys a part of your product and asking questions directly inside the user journey results in significantly better conversion rates and higher quality feedback from your users. When creating and publishing your surveys make sure that both the questions and the placement of your survey is tightly coupled to the actions users are performing in your app.

To get best results, you should display survey directly after user finishes the flow you want to evaluate. For example, if you want to gather users' feedback about the shopping cart checkout, you can display a survey at the summary page, after checkout process is finished.

In this can be achieved with On Page Load trigger combined with an URL patter that matches the summary page, like /checkout/summary. Best survey type for this feedback would be Modal or Toast.

Keep you surveys short and engaging

The purpose of is to gather short, focused feedback about particular aspect of your product. While you can use it to ask for generic feedback, you will achieve best conversion and quality of feedback if you ask short, concrete questions about the user experience you want to analyse.

Mind the completion rate score, calculated on your survey dashboard. If it's too low, try to make the survey shorter and more engaging. Ask concrete questions that refer directly to what users do in your product.

Leave space for open feedback

While quantitative feedback, like Rating field or Select field is usually desired and easier to analyse. It's a good practice to also give users possibility to share their comments in an open text form.

While a bit harder to analyse, it can give you very detailed and interesting insights in what and how your users think. With you can use tags to catalogue and classify users' feedback and make the data analysis a breeze.

Don't overload your users

While it's perfectly fine to have several active surveys in your product. It's important to not to overload your users with intrusive feedback requests.

Define your surveys and triggers in a away that asks for feedback just in specific situations, not all the time. If you want to be able to gather users feedback in any specific time, use less intrusive survey types, like FAB or Context Survey which do not disturb users' flow.